Flying Burning Carpet
Filmed by John Alberico

In March of 2022, I created 'Flying Burning Carpet' made out of aluminum trays that carries 80 burning candles reflecting on the occupation of Ukraine and all countries that are recently bombed destroying many lives.

Flying Carpet 2021_60sec

In thinking about a fairy tale-like object that is relatable to both historical narratives and modern fairy tales such as Disney figure Aladdin, I began considering a carpet that carries hundreds of syringes. Vast amount of medicine has to be distributed across the Globe. I created 'Flying Syringe Carpet 2021', a prototype of a communal vehicle that provides transportation of the vaccines. I aim to create an environment in the gallery space where the public can experience the uncertainly trembling syringes. The carpet is assembled out of aluminum plates which are known from central places at social events serving food and snacks. The trays are decorated with 3 different kinds of gold application; gold spray, gold leaf on top of wax and gold colored aluminum plates. The red tassels on the corners can evoke bird feathers or 3 dimensional projection of the microscopic image of a contemporary virus. The carpet is hovering upside down above two industrial drum fans. The carpet only stops flying when the gallery is closed or can be automatically turned on and off during open hours.

FLYING CARPET (styrene sheets, spray paint, cotton, drum fans)
Filmed by Elis Xhafa

In thinking about an object that is relatable to both Eastern and Western cultures, I began considering Flying Carpet, also an object that expresses my fantasy about flying. The yearning for a flying carpet is an ancient human desire, and flying carpets are an integral part of stories in the Eastern World. They appear in ancient Jewish texts, the Arabian tale One Thousand and One Nights, and even in Disney’s Aladdin. The carpet hovers, held aloft by two drum fans. Eight vacuum-formed and spraypainted sculptures of shoes sit on top of the carpet, feet facing forward. The digitally collaged image on the carpet includes a Pretzel advertisement, a popular Western snack. The empty sneakers and boots offer a surrealist touch as some invisible, imagined group of people ride the flying carpet. Public transportation is a ubiquitous gathering space; Flying Carpet is a prototype of a communal vehicle that provides public transportation across cultures.

UNITED PEOPLE (Mic, Globes and The Dalmatian Dog)
Filmed by Anna Fabricius