The media I use includes kinetic sculpture, performance, digital collage, and oil painting.

Statement for paintings

I idealize everyday life fantasizing about the possibility of a free community of all people and drawing a sarcastic imagery of the new world. Driven by my imagination, my paintings are discussing social alienation and new social norms. My paintings start with researched images on the Internet and taking photographs. I dislocate those photographic elements from their temporal and original contexts, giving them emphasis by placing them within a painterly landscape. After a digital sketch, I create oil paintings focusing on contrast, saturated colors, composition, and visual dynamics. The ambiguity of the images come from the anonymity of the objects and the characters, blurred animalistic identities, and the intimate relationships conjured once the primer motifs and the backgrounds are combined. The digitally manipulated environments of the contemporarily relevant objects and my superheroes navigate the viewer to an imagined narrative.

Statement for kinetic sculptures, objects, performances, and digital collages

In my work, rugs function as both a space to socialize and as a vehicle to create narratives where fantasies unfold. I fabricate rugs using alternative materials, found objects, and inexpensive commodities, and I sample contemporary public signs, slogans, and visual symbols tapping into current official explanations of realities. I aim to make total art where kinetic sculpture is placed at the center while vision, sound, movement, performance, and even smell creates an immersive ambience.
Motivated by social practices, blankets of my digitally produced design are spread out both indoors and outdoors. I invite people to sit, talk, and dine together on the rugs. The central, lively "fire-place" mimics the sound, smell, look, and heat of a real fire. Tapping into the community and comfort of cooking and eating a meal together, I provide basic kitchen facilities such as a grill plate.

Working from an idea that social interactions lift people’s spirits, I experiment with artificially-made spaces that can inspire communities and create fictional narratives to discuss new social norms.