We Are The Flying Rock

two electric logs, 12 digitally produced woven rugs, skewers, marshmallows, pillows

The title refers to a collaborative project called We Are The Asteroid that supports dialogue around environmental protection held by like-minded experts. I use my art practice to encourage people to spend time together, and to adapt a new social environment to participatory democracy. Here they are participants in a musical performance and prepare food together. Motivated by social practices, 12 blankets of my design are spread out on the floor of the gallery. I invite musicians - frequently asking for unplugged versions of their repertoire - to perform live concerts and cook food together. The central "fire-place" mimics the sound, smell, look, and heat of a real fire. Tapping into the community and comfort of cooking and eating a meal together, I provide basic kitchen facilities such as a grill plate. Working from the idea that welcoming and fundamental social interactions lift people’s spirits, I have set up a social experiment showing that, even in an artificially-made environment, can inspire communities.