My vision for mankind is a global phenomenon, a peaceful transformation which can unite all people that I call ‘The United People’ movement. The media I use varies on a wide range, including sound installation, kinetic sculpture, digitally-produced blankets, digital collage, and painting.
My most recent works are participatory; they mean to provide environments for interactions in order to introduce people to each other, communal rituals, and make participatory democracy. For me participatory democracy means all-inclusive decision-making process. Recently, I have shifted towards social practices; I have developed custom-made rugs and blankets that intend to form space for communities. I have created a group of woven rugs Art Blankets for Picnic and Bonfire. The Art Blankets for Picnic blankets portray babies of different colors in front of blue background. Reflecting on the ecological threat of worldwide fires, the blankets of Bonfire depict images of communal moments. The series of rugs provide a relaxed but provocative environment to practice participatory democracy. At its heart, my art expresses the juxtaposition of social alienation and the possibility of an all-inclusive collaboration of humanity.