In my work, I have created a community-driven movement named the United People, narrative of fantasy-driven heroes.

I draw animals and humans as an upfront layer on top of Renaissance references from the sixteenth century, for instance, The School of Athens and The Unicorn Tapestries. The environments of my figures create a digitally modified trompe l’oeil effect of my imagined utopia, representing colors of human diversity at the highest level. The Dalmatian dots have been an ever-returning pattern and theme in my artwork, referring to the cohesive family of Dalmatian dogs, they articulate the possibility of the entire population’s unity. During the working process, the photos of the figures are collected from the Internet; I Photoshop my compositions, I create oil paintings, so that passing on the little details I rely even more on my intuitions.

Recently, I have explored the combination of digital print and encaustic painting. Therefore my work is a mix of digital pictures, analog techniques, and mediums, as well as, a combination of today life, traditional western painting, and ornaments from ancient times.