My projects start with researching images on the Internet such as humans, animals, and flowers in order to dislocate objects from their temporal contexts, giving them regality by placing them within a floral background. The ambiguity of the images comes from the anonymity of the characters, blurred animalistic identity, and the intimate relationship once the subjects are partnered up. After the digital sketch, I create oil paintings, combinations of encaustic and digital collages, sound objects, and installations.

I draw animals and humans as an upfront layer on top of Renaissance references from the sixteenth century, for instance, The Unicorn Tapestries. The environments of my superheroes create a digitally manipulated camouflage effect navigating the viewer to an imagined narrative.

I explore Renaissance aesthetics because it’s discovered humanism, although the theories of twentieth century Posthumanism (technology-driven society) impacts my perspective. My imagery idealizes everyday life using humor and making a drastic statement at the same time, fantasizing about the possibility of a free community of all people.