Ambrus Gero
Birth: 03/24/1986
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary

Lives in New York.
Studio: New York, Brooklyn, Pfizer Building, 7th Floor

2020 Pratt Institute, MFA Candidate, Painting and Drawing, Brooklyn, New York City
2009 University of Heartfordshire, Hatfield, England, advisor: Sam Jury
2005- 2011 University of Pécs, Art Faculty, Painting, Thesis Professors: Andras Lengyel, Zoltan Adam, Hungary
2005-2006  Novus Art School, Graphic and Film, Advisor: Jozsef Szurcsik

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Ateliers Pro Arts Gallery, United People, Budapest
2016 Exhibition in a private apartment, United People, Budapest
2013 Tabán Art Cinema, Drawings, Budapest
2011 Alexandra Book Store, French Greyhound a' Picasso, Drawing show, Budapest
2011 Arena Corner Office, Enviroment and L'amour, Painting show, Budapest,

Group Exhibitions:
2018 Selected Works, curated by Lara Nasser, Pfizer Building, New York
2018 Welcome Back Show, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, New York
2017 Latarka Gallery, Budapest
2016 Latarka Gallery, Budapest
2016 Gallery-Museum Lendava, 21th International Fine Arts Workshop for Young Artists, Lendava, Slovenia
2015 Partizán Galéria, In the Meanwhile, Budapest
2015 Partizán Galéria, Give Me Air, Budapest
2011 Nádor Gallery, Pécs 2008
2010 Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
2009 Wam Design Center, Budapest
2005 Museum of Applied Arts, Competition of Hungaricum

2018 People’s Choice Award as part of the Jackson’s Open Painting
2010 Compliment of Pécs - Competition of Public Speakers, I. prize
2008 Wam Design Gallery, The Most Positive Artist, award of public and the jury

Art Projects
2010 Pécs, Pécs Academic's Days Festival, Ikarus bus
2007 Dombovár-Gunaras, Northic walking path
2005 Budapest, Museum of Design, Hungaricum Competition

2011 Vaci Greens, 1st Prize, Competition of Public Creation for Enviromental Sustainablity, "Conceptual Garden," Atenor Company
2010 Amadeus Scholarship, Erste Bank
2009 University of Hertfordshire, England, Hatfield, advisor: Sam Jury

Public Collections:
2014 Data Foundation, title of the artwork: Naiv, 2008
2009 Foundation of Erste Bank, title of the artwork: Half Globe, 2009

International exchange and Scholarships
2012 Promotion and Protection of Traditional Carieers, Gazientep, Turkey
2010 Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany