aluminum, syringe, cotton, plastic, wax, gold imitation, spray paint, thread, industrial drum fans, 32" x 56" x 95"

In thinking about a fairy tale-like object relatable to both historical narratives and modern tales, I began with a carpet that carries syringes. I aim to create a site-specific installation where the public can experience an unexpected rearrangement of the medical tool. I created 'Flying Syringe Carpet 2021', a prototype of a communal vehicle that provides vaccine transportation. The carpet is assembled out of aluminum trays commonly used to serve food at social events. The decoration of the flying carpet includes three different kinds of gold application; gold spray, gold leaf on top of wax, and gold colored aluminum plates, because, historically, gold was one of the most valued exchange. Red tassels adorn the corners of the flying carpet, evoking a ball of tropical bird’s feathers. The carpet hovers above two industrial drum fans. The carpet is attached to the fans, the syringes are glued demonstratively to the rugs and are never removed. A corridor between the public and the kinetic sculpture ensures the public’s safety.
I discuss in my work that every human action is woven with the new reality we can call, “Pandemic times.” My work shows that masks, street signs, money, medical substances, and many different kinds of commodities, along with our newly learned habits, are transforming into an unforeseen future.